Monday, October 26, 2009

The Backstory

For those of you curious readers who don't know what Rachael and I are doing with our upcoming adventure in Italy, here's a little insight...

Having recently graduate at what might be the least opportune time since the great depression, Rachael and I found ourselves distinctly without career.  To remedy this, and do something awesome, we have decided to FLEE THE COUNTRY! 

This coming Tuesday we are moving to Florence!  This is where you get jealous.  We are going to be taking a course so that we can get our TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate and get jobs teaching.  We are taking the certification course through Via Lingua.  This will be our first month in Italy.

During the course we'll be doing our job searching.  Ideally we'll be staying in Florence for some time, but we are open to going anywhere the work takes us.

Thanks for reading, please leave comments.  Don't forget to check back soon, the next post should be coming straight from Italy!


  1. I guess I'm the first to wish you good luck

  2. Makes me Third! Now that I know how to log on!