Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Arrival

Fighting off the ensuing food coma that is bound to come after eating yet another delicious pizza entirely by myself I want to highlight our arrival to Italy…

3 a.m. seemed to come much earlier than it should have on Tuesday the 3rd, but after 22 hours of travel, 9 hours of layovers, and 3 flights of being cramped in a seat next to the eccentric aging rocker we arrived in Italy! Wednesday was basically a daze. I’m pretty sure we did something, but specifics escape me now. Thursday is much more in focus in my mind. Thursday morning was spent accomplishing some of the necessities like exchanging money( what an awesome exchange rate ), but we took the train into Venice for pizza night. Its so exciting being able to hop on a train here and go to such an incredible city like that just to have some pizza and wine, beats Z pizza any day of the week. Taking the train is also such a nice way to travel here, I’m not sure why America can’t get public transportation right. Riddle me this, the Italians have a convenient, reliable, affordable system set up, but in the states it takes twice as long and cost double what it would to drive in order to get from San Francisco to Sacramento?  All I’m saying is we need step it up in the U.S.  Back to Venice, we stopped at one our hosts’ favorite piazzas. Sipping on prosecco while we partook in what seems like a national pass time and people watched. This trip is off to a great start!

Sorry for the delay in between posts.  Today is the first day I've had any real time on the internet.  Hopefully they should be more frequent now that we have found a convienent place with free internet.

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