Thursday, December 3, 2009


We have just finished the last component for the CTEFL course, and I'm super excited!  We were both offered jobs teaching at the American Language Center which we just accpeted yesterday.  The contracts officially starts in January.  Until then we are going to be doing some training in test preparation and in the materials they use at the school, also doing some substitutions and private lessons until our contract start with the next trimester. 

Its a little surreal still at the moment.  One month ago we were talking about moving here and would jokingly say that we want to both do really well in the course so that they will just hire us and we can stay living in Florence.  And here we are!  Its weird how well this has all turned out.

We are going to have at least the next week off from doing anything related to teaching.  Hopefully we'll find ourselves in a few of the museums with our free time.  The last month hasn't left many opportunities to explore all that Florence has to offer. 

Even walking around here is amazing.  The city is getting set for the Christmas season.  The streets are draped in white twinkling lights.  In the piazza where we went to school and where we're going to begin teaching they are setting up a Christmas trees and stringing up even more lights.  This city is absolutely gorgeous this time of year.  Its fun to call it home.

Ciao from Florence.

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